financial Management services (FMS)

Lyndon Group’s FMS is designed for companies that could benefit from the advice of an experienced financial professional. With FMS, you get a highly-qualified professional without the overhead costs of a full-time employee. 

By providing advice and best practices, Lyndon Group gives businesses more timely, detailed and useful financial information about your business and a professional interpretation of sound financial practices. We enable business owners to make timely and insightful decisions that will result in better use of cash flow and a potential decrease in working capital needs, while reducing the risk of fraud and embezzlement. We’ll also help you build key performance metrics that will guide your company towards continued future success.

Accounting and Finance

In an increasingly multifaceted business environment, finance and accounting are no longer just about numbers, but about organizational transformation. Our experts can help you with everything from the financial nuances of a corporate merger to development of complex budget models for future growth. We know that a company’s success relies on the strength of its financial team, and we can help you develop world-class procure-to-pay and record-to-report organizations.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Our expertise with the complexities and nuances of audit, internal controls, and compliance give clients the structure they need to mitigate their exposure to risk across their organization. We help companies build a control-focused environment with a robust plan for ongoing enterprise-wide risk management, including SOX compliance, internal and external audits, and periodic risk assessments.

Information management

We apply our strategic IT knowledge to technology projects and help guide our clients through the often-murky process of system assessment, selection, and implementation. As we firmly believe in customizable solutions, we do a business analysis and design a process optimization and conversion plan to fit your unique business needs.

Human capital

Lyndon Group can provide the Human Capital resources and expertise that will help you define and implement processes related to your HR environment. We will manage the entire change spectrum from system selection through process analysis & design to employee adoption through awareness-building, hands-on learning, and post-implementation support.