A surprising number of organizations are at risk of costly litigation due to lack of an information governance policy and non-compliance. Often organizations don’t realize how to properly assess their risk level or how to begin. Organizations typically need outside expertise to identify and develop an information governance framework to solve these problems. IDT’s Information Governance Assessment is designed to help Organizations discover areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. The results will empower you to increase organizational transparency and data integrity while reducing risk.

The IDT Information Governance Assessment follows the ARMA International Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles® and Information Governance Maturity Model (IGMM). IDT’s assessment is software product agnostic and is not tied to any specific Information Management solution that a company already uses or is evaluating for ownership. As a standard, our assessment identifies the critical hallmarks of information governance and provides both a standard of conduct for governing information and metrics by which to judge that conduct. In doing so, your organization will be able to give assurance to Shareholders and the public at large that you are meeting your responsibilities with respect to the governance of information.