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Lyndon Group collaborates extensively with select companies to bring even more value to our clients. Providing a range of products and services, we believe we have assembled a world-class network of partners.



DUFL is a premium travel service – a personal valet that simplifies business travel by shipping, cleaning and storing your business attire.  DUFL stores your clothing in your personal DUFL closet, and allows you to virtually ‘pack’ by selecting your clothing items from within the app. Once you’ve scheduled your trip, you’ll travel – bag free, and your freshly cleaned and neatly packed clothing will meet you at your specified destination. When you’re ready to head home, schedule a pick up from the hotel and DUFL will clean your clothes and have them waiting in your virtual closet, ready for your next trip!  

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Rocketrip reduces a company’s travel costs by rewarding employees for saving on business trips. By providing employees with a real-time “Budget to Beat” and motivating them to save, Rocketrip helps you get travel management under control and reduce travel spend by more than 10-15%. Rocketrip provides insight into what’s reasonable to spend, and then motivates employees to spend less.  

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Motus makes tracking business mileage easy. With their automated mobile technology, tracking business mileage has never been easier. The precise mileage tracking technology that Motus uses allows companies to save money, while providing employees with individual reimbursement rates, dependent upon where they live and how many business miles they drive.  

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