Ken Jones 

Ken Jones is founder and executive managing director of Lyndon Group. He oversees the company’s global operations and strategic initiatives. On any given day, Ken will be tethered to his phone talking to customers, or the company’s network of strategic partners, to drive opportunities that bring maximum value to all Lyndon Group current and future clients. Ken is proud of the Lyndon Group team and takes great strides to maintain a supportive working environment. Ken is a highly competitive individual and an avowed adrenaline junkie.

Doug Beeuwsaert


Doug Beeuwsaert is managing director of the Concur practice, and oversees all aspects of the Travel & Expense Management team, from business development to client satisfaction. Doug has been instrumental in growing Lyndon Group’s client base, which ranges from Fortune 50 companies to pre-revenue start-ups all over the world. He spends much of his time speaking with potential or current clients, or supporting Lyndon Group’s talented group of professionals. Doug is also a self-professed college football fanatic, and suffers from withdrawal symptoms during the seven-month off-season.

Jess L. Meyers


Jess Meyers is director of Financial Management Services. He helps clients gain a better understanding of the factors driving profitability within their organizations, and strives to maintain a clear vision of his clients’ goals and objectives. Jess is an accomplished world traveler, having enjoyed the people, food, and culture on five of the seven continents of the world.

Katheryn Nolfo


Katheryn Nolfo is the director of Strategic Development. She helps client organizations achieve success through optimization of their processes and programs. Katheryn also establishes partner alliance programs that assist clients with developing end-to-end T&E, AP automation, and IT/Integration solutions. She enjoys the constant need to adapt to the ongoing changes in the industry, with technologies being produced at a more rapid pace than ever. With over 21 years of technology experience, she knows how to work with vendors efficiently and effectively to benefit Lyndon Group clients. She cannot live without her family, and she constantly driven to provide more for them while still teaching them to balance success and family.

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Kara Bernard is Lyndon Group’s director of Solution Services and all-around problem solver, combining her analytical and communication skills to target efficiencies with her clients. She loves data, but loves it even more when data and people intermingle. After joining Lyndon Group, she quickly gained the trust of the existing client base and leveraged her network to help grow the firm and help the team stay current with Concur products and services. As an extremely empathic person, she often calls upon her life experiences to listen and provide advice that resonates with her clients and contacts.  Kara is a big fan of nature, vintage sci-fi movies, music, and coffee (in no particular order).

Andy Wittmann


Andy Wittmann is director of Global Services. He oversees all projects, customer sales, and relationship management with Concur clients outside the US. Andy enjoys making a difference by helping clients understand and fully utilize the potential of the whole Concur ecosystem. His passion drives him to deliver world-class service that includes the optimal solution for every client’s unique needs. Andy cannot live without real football (i.e. not American football, as he says) and he’s a devout technophile, trying every new gadget as it hits the market.



Jon Stapp is the director of Accounting at Lyndon Group. Jon specializes in working with clients to translate complex worksteps into more streamlined and automation-friendly processes. He loves to solve problems, and enjoys giving clients a fresh set of eyes to review their business from end to end and help them set up new processes or optimize old ones. He wants his clients to know that we will work with them through any issues that arise and provide as many solutions as possible. His favorite activity is walking, a sort of meditation for him; he walks two or three times per day while listening to his media player, especially comedian-driven podcasts and mystery/suspense audiobooks.

Oren Geshuri


Oren Geshuri is director of Platform Integration Services. Depending on the client or the situation, Oren can be a troubleshooter, a therapist, a number-cruncher, or a negotiator. After spending almost 20 years in the entertainment industry, he really enjoys the opportunity to work with companies across all industries, and getting a taste of other business sectors. As Lyndon Group’s resident nerd, he has been a steady voice encouraging the team to adopt new tools and technologies (except Andy, who is also a technophile). Oren is a lifelong bookworm, and cannot fathom a world without escapist literature or incisive non-fiction.